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Kids in Preschool

Our Teaching Approach

We understand that emotions influence a student's ability to learn and the part of the brain that regulates emotion continues to develop through at least age 5, and often later than that. This is why we spend up to 30 minutes at the beginning of our time with our children engaging with them through talk and play before we dive into learning.

We understand that all children are different. That is why we take a completely individualized approach to teaching. While children will work in small groups, they will continually move between leveled groups based on specific concepts taught and their individual progresses.

Children in our program work on their learning goals primarily through guided hands-on games and activities.

Sample Learning Goals


*I can count forwards by 1s starting at any number less than 10

*I can identify all the lower case letters

Second Grade:

*I can skip count by 12s by adding 10 first

*I can read all my 2nd grade Dolch Sight Words

*I can write a few complete sentences on the same topic

Our Teaching Approach: About Us
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